• Vindur® Pure air purification unit
  • Vindur® Pure air purification unit
  • Vindur® Pure air purification unit

Vindur® Pure air purification unit

The flexible Vindur® Pure air purification unit reduces the risk of infection by aerosol-borne viruses such as the coronavirus in closed rooms.s. With a two-stage safety concept, it lowers the concentration of pathogens in the room air and thus creates optimum air hygiene.

Double safety in rooms occupied by people
A highly effective H14 HEPA filter filters 99.995 % of all aerosol-borne particles from the room air. In the second safety stage, a UV-C lamp (optional) safely kills the viruses, germs and fungi deposited on the HEPA filter. Vindur® Pure was specially developed for use in rooms occupied by people. These include meeting rooms, classrooms, restaurants and retail outlets. Depending on requirements, it can be used mobile on castors or permanently mounted to the wall and ceiling.


  • Highly efficient, two-stage filtering
  • UV-C lamp for additional infection protection (optional)
  • Additional fresh air connection possible
  • Mobile design, wall or ceiling mounting to choose from 
  • Suitable for rooms up to 70m2 (with 6x room air exchange/hour)
  • Low noise: 30-50 dB(A) depending on air volume