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How can a complete climate test laboratory for high-voltage batteries fit into a 40-foot container?

Plug & Test Lab

The market for electric vehicles is developing rapidly. The need for quickly available test solutions for standard temperature and climate tests on lithium-ion batteries for vehicles is correspondingly high. The mobile test container, designed as a plug & test system, is suitable for expanding existing test capacities, as a replacement for test systems that have failed at short notice or as a cost-effective structure for new test locations such as start-up companies.

Here we will take a look at:

  • The climate chamber for environmental simulation
  • The media conditioning of the battery pack
  • The charging and discharging stations
  • The cooling circuit and the indoor climate in the container
  • The automation system and
  • The performance of typical high-voltage battery tests
  • Including the safety controller

We welcome Jens Breuer, software expert at DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH and Jürgen Plumm, Product and Application Manager Battery Testing at Weiss Technik GmbH, as studio guests.



60 minutes

05.05.2022 - 02:00 pm CEST





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